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TTSI - Your Health Compliance Innovator

TTSI provides outsourced health information management support to ensure your organization’s compliance to accurate documentation through data entry and verification, transcription, medical coding and billing, remote patient monitoring support and education. TTSI offers other administrative functions as needed by your organization in order to achieve efficiency, qualified human resources and cost savings.

TTSI is a California-registered business process outsourcing (BPO) company with production facility in Manila, Philippines. Established in 2001, TTSI has increased and maintained a significant client base in medical and legal transcription, servicing the United States, Singapore and Australian markets.

Considered as a trusted partner and adviser by most of its clients, TTSI started to provide services beyond transcription and created support services and solutions based on specific client requirements. To date, TTSI offers premium support services utilizing HIPAA-compliant technology and work process atmosphere that meet and exceed mission-critical standards for reliability, security and performance, upholding strict compliance with data privacy.

TTSI provides Health Information Management Support Services such as:

  • Transcription and Documentation Solutions
  • Remote Health Management Support
  • E-Learning Programs

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